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BenelliBeretta of Italy is the oldest gun manufacturer in the world. They have been producing guns since 1526.

Berettas are available in all gauges and configurations. The line includes the affordable and reliable 391 series to the handcrafted SO series sidelocks.

Beretta has made their fine reputation with their full line of affordable, high quality shotguns.

AL391 Urika Description

AL391 Urika

Authentic Competition Shotguns
AL391 Urika semiautomatic trap, sporting clays, Teknys and target shotguns maintain the superior design, control, and reliability of the AL391 Urika hunting versions, but possess features that make them true competition shotguns. The stocks, fore-ends and buttplates are designed for maximum performance in every shooting discipline. The rounded receiver profile and broad, ventilated rib ensure quick target acquisition. The AL391’s self-compensating gas system makes it one of the softest shooting autoloaders right out of the box – reducing felt recoil and improving second shot recovery. Beretta’s adjustable drop and cast system on the AL391 Urika competition shotguns ensure a custom fit for every shooter. All Competition models have the Optima Bore and choke system.

AL391 Urika Trap Optima
The AL391 Urika Trap is distinguished by a wide ventilated rib with white front and mid-rib beads, a Monte Carlo stock and special trap recoil pad. The receiver is satin black with glossy side panels and silver markings. The trigger is gold, the stock and fore-end select walnut. Interchangeable Optima  choke tubes or fixed chokes are available.

AL391 Urika Trap Optima

AL391 Urika Gold Trap
This 12-gauge shotgun maintains the features of the standard model, but also includes 
a highly-selected walnut stock and fore-end. The receiver is tastefully engraved with 
gold-filled Beretta logo and the “P. Beretta” signature. The bolt and carrier are jeweled. Optima chokes are standard.

AL391 Urika Gold Trap