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KolarFor many years, the manufacture and availability of high quality competition shotguns has been limited to several overseas gun makers. The discerning clay target shooter had few choices when looking to purchase a shotgun that would withstand the rigors of clay target shooting. This is no longer the case…

Kolar Arms of Racine, Wisconsin is now in their 11th Year of Production of its quality line of American made skeet, sporting and trap shotguns. Kolar is the world leader in the manufacture of its famous AAA sub-gauge tube sets and competition services.

From the initial concept of producing the gun through its complete CAD design, prototype stage, and years of testing, the objective was singular: “Produce the highest quality, ultimately reliable target shotgun that money can buy.”

Kolar Carrier Systems

Kolar offers a *patented 12 ga. carrier barrel conversion and extractor system that combines a backbored barrel and sub-gauge tubes, (.410, 28 & 20 ga.), for superior performance and maximum weight reduction. It’s weight with tubes installed comes within ounces of your standard 12 ga. barrel. The carrier barrel by itself cannot be used for 12 ga. shooting.

Custom Weight AAA Systems

For shooters wishing to attain maximum weight reduction while maintaining a shootable 12 ga. barrel, we offer custom weight AAA packages. These packages combine backboring, competition choking or screw-in choke installation on the 12 ga. barrel along with the AAA tube set that produces the specific total gun weight and balance characteristics that best suits your shooting requirements. Please call for details.

Thin Wall Screw-In Chokes

Kolar AAA Competition screw-in chokes are available in 5 series and 10 true choke constrictions to meet virtually every shotgun requirement. They feature thin wall design, a gas sealing barrel to choke junction, and a highly precise taper and parallel relationship that maximizes pattern efficiency, density and coverage. Available for single barrel and O/U shotguns.

Trigger Conversions

When purchasing a Kolar tube system, trigger modifications are utilized to allow for 100% reliable fire control in  small gauges. These modifications are available for all guns equipped with factory inertia triggers. Complete mechanical trigger conversions are available for most guns. We have converted thousands of Beretta, Winchester, Perazzi and Browning triggers as well as other fine guns. All conversions are 100% guaranteed. Call for your application

Kolar Porting

Standard Kolar Port utilizes two rows of .080 longitudinal drilled holes that create a high velocity gas relief to reduce muzzle lift in your 12 ga. or 20 ga. barrels.

Kolar Tube Port has a unique, innovative design that allows porting directly into your 20 and/or 28 ga. tubes thru the 12 ga. barrel, offering maximum relief from even small gauge muzzle lift.


We offer both standard and rust blueing. We can supply the reblued gun with either a high gloss or competition matte finish. Call for prices on your application

Shotgun Weights

Weight systems are available for most over/under and single barrel shotguns. For over/under applications, weights are available that attach to the under barrel. Special custom barrel weights are available for shotguns with ventilated side ribs between barrels, i.e.: Perazzi or Beretta.

For automatic shotguns, in magazine or magazine cap variations can be fitted upon request. Special Remington 1100, 1187, Beretta 303 or 390 competition packages are available to match the 12 ga. weight and balance of your tubed over/under upon request.

Gun Cases

Kolar features airline proof aluminum cases manufactured by Nasco and Americase. These cases represent the best possible protection for your fine firearm in any type of travel or storage situation.

Standard or custom dimensions and applications are available. Custom leather cases may be ordered upon special request.

Competition Barrel and Choke Services

Your competition shotgun may be just perfect the way it came from the factory, but then again, there is a high probability that it can be improved!

We offer all of the services and have the facility to modify your shotgun’s performance to the most exacting specifications based on your application. Elongated forcing cones, porting, point-of-impact adjustment, backboring, competition choking or screw-in choke installation, all contribute to optimum barrel performance.

Indoor Pattern & Proof Facility

Kolar Arms offers a complete 45 yard, indoor proof and pattern facility. All custom barrel modifications are completely tested to insure performance in line with your specifications. Optimum shotgun performance is far from an exact science. Our facility allows us to fine tune barrel modifications until precise pattern density, coverage and point-of-impact are achieved.


Kolar offers complete woodworking services, including adjustable combs, (regular or soft-top), length-of-pull/cast adjustable mechanism, recoil pad installation or stock bending. We use the highest grade hardware, materials and components available.

A complete stock fitting service is available at our facility on an appointment basis. Whether shooting skeet, trap or sporting clays, an ill-fitting shotgun will never produce the best results, not to mention the abrasion to cheek and face.

Engraving Service

Kolar now offers a full line of engraving and refurbishing services. All styles with or without inlays are available. Custom engraving available upon request.